Starting from the maximum functionality in architecture, our task is very simple: to design thinking about what the user is going to feel with each of their five senses in order to achieve a unique architectural experience.

We are architects and we believe in an interdisciplinary way of working in which the sum of complementary knowledge is greater than the sum of its parts. Architects, urban planners, engineers, artists... Together to achieve a common goal: the best architecture.

Most architecture is designed only to be seen, but architecture must be conceived to be felt with our skin, we must seek a certain atmosphere, a soul for each project, for each client and pursue that goal to the limit that each detail allows us.

Who we are:

  • Carlos Graña
  • Guillermo Pomar Blanco

  • Pablo Agulla Santos
  • Carmen Rodríguez Villar
  • Antía Martínez Méndez
  • Diego Díaz Gómez
  • Mercedes Hermida Feal

They have collaborated with us:

  • Laura Núñez Leone
  • Rebeca Nuevo Mayán
  • Dámaris Sánchez Domínguez
  • Beatriz Sierra Romero
  • Sarai Cancela Cundíns
  • Javier Blasco Robaina
  • Cruz Calleja Perucho
  • Iago Otero Regueira
  • Eric Domínguez Díaz
  • Raquel Figueroa González
  • Alejandro García López
  • Roi Hernández Zas
  • Silvia Negreira Aboy
  • Mónica Lourido Vázquez
  • Teresa García Vega
  • Lucía Caso Onzaín
  • Montserrat Pardiño Ben
  • Ángela San Dimas Quindós
  • Jacobo González Varela

Carlos Graña

Architect by the University of A Coruña and Stuttgart. After working in the USA, Germany and in several studios in Spain and collaborating in India with Balkrishna Doshi, winner of the 2018 Pritzker Architecture Prize, he founded the SEA studio in A Coruña, combining project development with architecture teaching. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Swiss architecture.

Guillermo Pomar

Guillermo Pomar, architect by ETSAC, joins SEA Arquitectos after having worked in Olot with RCR arquitectes, Pritzker Prize 2017, with Vincent Van Duysen in Antwerp and with David Chipperfield Architects, Pritzker Architecture Prize 2023.

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