Refurbishment in San Vicente de Elviña.
Finalist in the Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism of 2021

Guillermo Pomar finalist in the Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism of 2021 with his Final Degree Project "Tradition and social relationship in the interior of a Galician rural centre".

Tradición y relación social en el interior de un núcleo rural gallego

First national prize in the Illa Corsini Competition, Tarragona

Winners of the first prize in the competition for the humanisation of the Corsini Square in Tarragona. Our idea of creating a shady and restful space for the citizens with the use of vegetation was chosen among 34 other participants to be carried out, with the collaboration of Aleix Salazar.

Diari de Tarragona: ver noticia.

New Mercure Hotel in Lugo

One of our most recent projects, a four-star hotel for the Mercure brand of the Accor Hotels chain in the centre of Lugo.

La Voz de Galicia: ver noticia.

Visit of the Belgian wood cluster to our works.

Fotografía: Wifre Melendrez

Some of our works received the visit of the Belgian delegation ASBL Cluster Eco-Construction, Wallonia Clusters, interested in the sustainability and ecological construction of our projects.

El Correo Gallego: ver noticia.

Qué casas

Report of Melania and Xoaquín´s house, a work of whick we are part, in the TVG programme Qué casas! in which some of the most singular architectural works of Galicia are shown.

ver vídeo.

Third Prize in national competition. Plaza de Armas. Ferrol
Interview with Carlos Graña for Somos Paisaxe

Interview for the program Somos Paisaxe, with Marcos Pérez from the Fundación Galicia Sustentable.

Galicia Sustentable: ver vídeo.


Fotografía: Xaime Cortizo

We have always been passionate about the TED philosophy: "ideas worth spreading", ideas that deserve to be shared. It has been a real honour to have participated with such brilliant people and to have been able to share what architecture is for me with you. Thanks to each and every one of you who have helped me since I started in this wonderful world. Thank you very much indeed.

TEDx Talks: ver vídeo.

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